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Answers to Frequently Asked Tenants Questions

Luxury House
  • How quickly will you be able to get my property rented?
    This is dependent on the time of year your property is available, as well as market trends, but on average in the Suffolk area it generally takes between 1-4 weeks from the start of our marketing campaign to fill a vacancy.
  • How will you screen my tenant?
    We utilize a full screening process to help insure the quality of the prospective tenants.
  • Can you please send me the tenants credit report?
    We can’t share the tenants credit report, but we can discuss if the credit report meets criteria and job information with Owners.
  • How do you handle repairs?
    From landscaping and leaky faucets to major upgrades and renovations, we have a reliable network of vendors, suppliers, and contractors that can tackle any project at competitive volume pricing. We closely screen all contractors to ensure quality standards and insurance requirements are met at all times.
  • Can I do my own repairs?
    In many cases yes, Owners can do work on their home. In an emergency situation we may need to schedule with an outside vendor, but we will include you in the conversation and progress of the work.
  • My property needs some work before a new tenant can move in. Can you help?
    Yes, we can help! This can sometimes help get the property on the market sooner, as we have vendors and contractors standing by and ready to go. ​
  • What if my tenant doesn’t pay?
    If a tenant doesn’t pay rent, we will work with a servicer to get the proper notice drafted and served to the tenant for payment, as required by law. Our job is to protect your asset, and to get the most out of it for as long as possible. Often times this means being the bad guy and enforcing the lease to the letter of the law. The minute you let things slip is when your tenants will start to walk all over you. Every landlord has rules, but not every landlord has time to enforces them that’s where we come in having knowledge of rental laws and tenants responsibilities to follow we are able to do it in a more structured way we also keep up to date on all the changing regulations so we can enforce the rules in a more knowledgeable manor as they change.

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